How to write blogs that rank on Google, and publish SEO articles in less than 2 hours

Solo makers, your time is precious. Here 6 simples steps to publish an SEO Article today.

By Mathilde founder at The Solo Maker • Tuesday, November 14, 2023 •

Solo makers, your time is precious. It’s the main currency you’ve got, but if you’re a perfectionist, you might think: “my ___ (add anything you want) needs to be perfect before I post/share/ship it.”

If we talk about your marketing, it will go like this: “my blog post needs to be perfect before I post it” so you spend 2 days on it. And since it’s not good enough for you, you leave it in your drafts for two weeks. What happens is, you either waste two weeks before posting it (two weeks postponed before Google can index, and rank it to bring traffic in).

Or worse, you never publish it. It starts with great intention, but in the grand scheme of things: what you need is to publish 10 at a time to move the needle traffic-wise. That’s a hard pill to swallow for a solo maker: you cannot be a perfectionist.

It is better to post something that’s 80% good, than nothing.

An article that’s 80% good might still rank on one keyword, attract people to your site, and potentially convert into users. 80% good IS good enough for your stage. It doesn’t mean it’s the worst SEO blog post you’ve seen, it just means that it’s not perfect in your eyes.

You haven’t added all the shiny details, or researched the perfect turns of phrases. Honestly, you don’t need that for now. What you need, is efficiency. You will have the opportunity to update your post later, when it’s bringing traffic, updating blog posts is actually great for SEO.

How to write blogs that rank on Google, and publish your SEO-Blog Post in less than 2 hours (that’s good quality enough):

  1. Find one keyword you want to rank for with UberSuggest or Ahrefs, with low Keyword Difficulty (less than 15 or 20) and a minimum of 1000 Volume/Traffic Potential. (⏳ 20 minutes, but make sure you choose wisely)
  2. Check what people are specifically asking on Google regarding this topic on SearchResponse, it will be your outline. Edit the outline so it makes sense. (⏳ 15 minutes)
  3. Write your prompt on Make sure you select GPT-4, and AI-Powered (to optimize around your keyword, and fetch visual/video content). Then, select “advanced options”, copy-paste your outline to Custom Outline, write your own Title Prompt, and URLs to link to (from your site for example or sources). (⏳ 15 minutes)
  4. Copy results into SEO Analysis. Make sure it scores well for your keyword, it should be around 80%. (⏳ 10 minutes)
  5. Edit the content. Make sure it’s not repetitive, and it covers all the essential. Cross-check information if you’re not certain. Add your own tweak to it, so it is personalized. (⏳ 40 minutes, take your time for this)
  6. Create a visual with Canva. You might have some brand colors at this point, same here, go for something efficient but in your brand’s style. (⏳ 10 minutes)

Hit publish and that’s a wrap!

PS: All of these tools are free, except which has 15000 words for free, then it’s $9/month.

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