How Lena built a GPT-powered Chatbot, and helps product owners build their custom AI assistants

Wondering how to build an AI chatbot? Lena shares her story building Chatbotly!

By Mathilde founder at The Solo Maker • Saturday, November 11, 2023 •

Wondering how to build an AI chatbot? Lena shares her story building Chatbotly, as a solo maker, to help product owners create their custom AI Assistants.

Why did you build Chatbotly?

I’ve been developing chatbots for the last 6 years. Since GPT became popular, more clients started to come to me with similar requests, asking for a GPT-powered chatbot that runs on their own data.

I decided to simplify the processes for myself and for my clients. I collected all the knowledge accumulated over the past 6 years as a chatbot developer, into an easy-to-use no-code platform allowing people without any knowledge to create trustworthy AI assistants.

I wanted to help people creating knowledge-base chatbots that actually work and help their businesses. There are many chatbot builders that already exist.

The problem is that they either require chatbot development & conversation design knowledge to build something that actually works or, they are too simplistic. They don’t account for different nuances important when creating user-friendly chatbots. So, people end up having chatbots that are never used.

As a chatbot developer and conversation designer, I wanted to make a simple tool that would be intuitive and guide people towards not just creating chatbots but creating knowledge-base chatbots that actually work and help their businesses.

How did you build Chatbotly?

I built Chatbotly myself from scratch.

For the admin panel, I used:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • OpenAI models
  • My knowledge of chatbot development.

For the website I used Figma and Framer, I’m a big fan!

How can it help other solo makers?

I see 2 use cases:

  1. If you have a landing page with some traffic, you can install Chatbotly on your website and have it help you with sales, answering your prospect’s questions before they are ready to make a purchase. It can be things that worry them, such as “Do you offer returns?”, “Does this pricing plan include this feature?” etc.
  2. If you have built a product and want to help your users get started with it quicker, you can install Chatbotly inside of your product and let people troubleshoot problems or ask questions related to using your product features. This way they can get started with your product faster, and all the unanswered questions will get sent to your email inbox so that you can help your users solve more complex problems.

Bonus: Chatbotly logs everything your users ask. This means that by using Chatbotly you will also get insights into what your customers ask and be able to iterate on your product features faster, getting to know directly from your users what’s missing.

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